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Connecting to MySQL with R using RODBC on Windows XP

Posted on by Iwan Luijks. Keywords: R, RODBC, MySQL, Windows

Every now and then I want to gather some specific information from my databases, e.g. what the probability is of new visitors showing up during a certain season. This could be for example both interesting for determining upcoming serverload and bandwidth usage as well as other things.

For gathering this information I use R, a very powerful language for doing all sorts of analysis on all sorts of data. It is besides my use case for example also used for analysis of genomic data.

In this blog post I'll keep it simple, and give you a kickstart by showing you how to connect to a MySQL-server via ODBC with R. When connected, you can start analysing your data, this however is something I don't cover in this post.

E-mailing with PHP on Windows using Apache James

Posted on by Iwan Luijks. Keywords: Windows, Apache James, PHP

In opposite to my usual posts, like the one coming up on MySQL, PHP, SSL and that sort of stuff I decided to keep this post short.. real short. Read on to learn how easy it is setup an e-mail environment on Windows ready to use from PHP using the Apache James Server.

Note that this post is specifically targeted to setting up a simple e-mailserver usable in development environments.

Installing the RMySQL package on Windows 7

Posted on by Iwan Luijks. Keywords: R, RMySQL, Windows

So you want to get statistical? Nowadays one of the ways to go is to use R, mostly in combination with ggplot2 for generating the plots. These plots and graphs however need some data, for that we use data sources. There are a lot of data sources available for us to use and every company and consumer has its own opinion about which one to use, which can even differ per type of usage, application or website. Therefore a lot of database adapters exist for R; one of these adapters is RMySQL, packaged as the RMySQL package.

This post describes the installation of the RMySQL package from beginning to end, assuming you have a 32-bit Windows 7 machine ready.

Getting certified, some pro's and misconceptions

Posted on by Iwan Luijks. Keywords: certification, resume, PHP

Using Enchant with PHP on Windows - Part 1

Posted on by Iwan Luijks. Keywords: PHP, Enchant, Windows

PHP 5.3 introduced us to some new bundled extensions, including Enchant. The Enchant extension is a binding for the Enchant library.

Note: Before PHP 5.3, Enchant was available as optional extension through PECL. This article however only covers the setup and usage of the bundled extension in PHP 5.3

This short tutorial gives an introduction to setting up and using this new extension for your PHP projects.